Powershell Authorization Manager check failed

I am getting “Authorization Manager check failed” error while opening PowerShell. Can someone please explain me why this error comes and how to fix it.

Few days back, PowerShell was working fine. Also running get-executionpolicy thows error.

Is this a workstation or a server?
If it is a workstation, did you remember to turn on system restore points?
If so when was the last time you looked at you restore point list, or when was the last time you did a system restore point?
SO, if you have a SRP from a few days back when things were fine, as long as you have not recently installed any new software or the like. You can revert back to that restore point.

Do a quick and make sure that Windows Management Instrumentation service (WMI) is Enabled and running
Then try again.
If that fails, copy your PowerShell profile somewhere else, delete you original PowerShell profile, restart and try again.
If that fails…
Run Get-ExecutionPolicy and check if the setting is “RemoteSigned” or “Unrestricted” and set it back to the defautl of Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned and try again.

Its not a workstation, its a Server. Also I can see WMI is enabled and running.

Please post exact screen message, it will indicate a file name and line# plus location. One of the files you running automatically has some issue with it.