Powershell Argument Remote


Newbie to Powershell but finding really helpfull of using this automation.

I have the following PS script

$remotesession = New-PSSession -ComputerName xxxxxxx
$filepath = ‘c:\ps\DCS\dispatch.vbs’
$quiesc = ‘task’

$scriptBlock = {
param ($filepath, $quiesc)
Start-Process -FilePath $filepath -ArgumentList {$quiesc}

invoke-Command -Session $remotesession -ScriptBlock $scriptBlock -ArgumentList {$filepath,$quiesc}
Remove-PSSession -Session $remotesession

When i execute the above command, on my remote computer i cannot see the value of $quiesc getting replaced with the value of Task.

What am i doing wrong here ?


Hi Vinod,

I think you’ll find that the scriptblock does not have visibility of the variables concerned. You can reference the variables by either using $using:variablename (e.g. $using:quiesc) . Note thats from PowerShell 3.0 and above.

Alternatively, you are able to also reference the variables via $args[0] to reference the first value passed into the scriptblock from the argument list, $args[1] the second and so on. Both of these will not require the param… part.

Here’s an example of your same code

$remotesession = New-PSSession -ComputerName $env:COMPUTERNAME
$filepath = 'c:\ps\DCS\dispatch.vbs'
$quiesc = 'task'

$scriptBlock = {
    Write-Output -InputObject "Command to be executed : Start-Process -FilePath $using:filepath -ArgumentList $using:quiesc"
    Start-Process -FilePath $using:filepath -ArgumentList $using:quiesc

Invoke-Command -Session $remotesession -ScriptBlock $scriptBlock
Remove-PSSession -Session $remotesession

And output :

Command to be executed : Start-Process -FilePath c:\ps\DCS\dispatch.vbs -ArgumentList task

how about running the code without the extra braces:

$filepath = 'c:\ps\DCS\dispatch.vbs' $quiesc = 'task'

$scriptBlock = {
param ($filepath, $quiesc)
Start-Process -FilePath $filepath -ArgumentList $quiesc

invoke-Command -Session $remotesession -ScriptBlock $scriptBlock -ArgumentList $filepath,$quiesc