PowerShell and Outlook

I have a PowerShell script that creates .htm files for Outlook signatures. Then, it finds the correct .htm for the correct logged in user and applies it to their local profile. It also edits the regedit to add NewSignature and ReplySignature. This is all working fine.

My problem is that, when I open Outlook, it wont’ show the new or updated signatures. I still have to click on file, options, mail, signatures, and just close the window, or click cancel for the signatures to update. Is there a delay between the time I update the regedit and for Outlook to catchup to the changes?

Is there some exchange command I need to run so it update?



I’m guessing that Outlook doesn’t query the registry key unless you go into signature options. It might be worth running Process Monitor while opening Outlook and then going into the signature options to confirm.

You may be able to interact with the Outlook COM object to force a read if that’s the case.