Powershell 7 out-file over LAN result in strange characters


When append data to a txt file over our Local Area Network using Out-File in Powershell 7, the data is transform in strange characters. If I use the same code in Powershell 5.1 the appended data comes normal.

I also tried Out-File -encoding Ascii with the same result

<u>BUT</u> if I append data to the Local Machine using Powershell 7, the appended data is as expected.

Can someone help me to resove the problem?

Partial Code Out-File
@{Label=“Date & Time”.PadLeft(16) ;expression={$dDate}; align = ‘right’} | Out-File -Append –FilePath “\fzafs01\UserData\Administrator\PowerShell\data\serversDisksSize.txt”

Strange characters over LAN
਍潃灭瑵牥†楄歳匠穩⡥执 唠敳木⥢䘠敲⡥执 †牆敥┠†††慄整☠吠浩൥ⴊⴭⴭⴭⴭⴠⴭ‭ⴭⴭⴭⴭⴠⴭⴭⴭ‭ⴭⴭⴭⴭⴠⴭⴭⴭ‭ⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭⴭ਍婆ㅁ†††䌠›†ㄠ㘳㜮‰†㈠⸹㔸†ㄠ㘰㠮‵†㠷ㄮ┶ㄠ⼰㈲㈯㈰‰㌱㔺ഴ䘊䅚‱†††㩄††㔵⸸㌷†㈠㤸〮‹†㘲⸹㐶†㐠⸸㘲‥〱㈯⼲〲〲ㄠ㨳㐵਍婆ㅁ†††䘠›†㤠ㄳ㔮‱††⸰㐷†㤠〳㜮‷†㤹㤮┲ㄠ

I have tested this by writing to a file share on a NAS and to a file share on another Windows machine and I cannot replicate the problem.

Do you get the same problem if you try writing to a different server?

If you use Wireshark you should see the SMB2 traffic, you can use Follow TCP Stream to see what data is being sent. This will allow you to check if the correct data is leaving the device.


I tried writing to a different server with the same result. B.t.w. the servers are Hyper-V virtual machines.

I run the powershell code in Visual Studio Code application.

I tested from the console host but it also works fine for me from VSCode.

A Wireshark trace from the source computer should confirm the correct data leaves the computer.

Have you tried doing it host-to-host on the Hyper-V machines to try and narrow it down to the Hyper-V infrastructure? Presumably these servers are used for other things so I find it a bit odd that you don’t see corruption in other files or even the filenames themselves which I would expect if there was some problem with drivers or network adapters.

Out-file doesn’t check the encoding of the file. I think it’s dangerous to append with it, and prefer add-content.

4/19/19 out-file -append (or “>>”) can mix two encodings in the same file #9423 out-file -append (or ">>") can mix two encodings in the same file · Issue #9423 · PowerShell/PowerShell · GitHub

It works. I changed -Encoding from ASCII to UNICODE.

Thanks for you help