Posh-ssh switch HP2530

Hello friends, how are you? :slight_smile:
Please see if you can help me ā€¦ I use Posh-ssh to manage Mikrotik routerboards and it works perfectly. However now I want to
Also automate configuration of switches (in my scenario, they are all
HP 2530-24G). I can connect normally via posh-ssh (it appears in the
Log switch as logged), however, any command I try
Invoking it does not recognize ā€¦ I believe it is by the following: - In that
Swich template, when I log in for the first time, it is necessary to press the
Enter to be able to fully start the session ā€¦ However I do not know how
Invoking this command by posh / powershell ā€¦ do you have any ideas?
I found something in this sense but I do not know how to use:

# $ Test = new-object -c wscript.shell
# $ Test.sendkeys ("{ENTER}")

Note: I am invoking the commands as follows:

Invoke-SSHCommand -Command "system-view" -SessionId 0

Have you tried ā€œįæÆnā€ to send a carriage return?

Yes, not work. :frowning:

I believe you need to use New-SSHShellStream instead of New-SSHSession