Pinned folder in start menu W2K8R2

Hi there,

Have a challenge I cannot find the solution for.

I want a logon script to pin a folder to the current users start menu.

I have found several modules for working with pinned applications in the start menu and on the taskbar.
These works fine as long as what you are pointing to is an application.
I want to pin a folder.

You can do this manually by right-clicking and dragging a folder from explorer to the start menu button. This will pin the folder.

Does anyone have a scripted way of doing this ?

Here is a pre-built function and it appears to work with folders as well:

Hi Rob,

Thanks for answering my question :slight_smile:

… but this is not the end of it… this script handles the “start menu” in Windows 8 and not in Windows server 2008 R2 as mentioned in the header of my initial post.

Tried the function and confirmed that it does not work although it returns a “successful” message.

So back to the drawingboard :slight_smile: