Ping servers with DNS suffix

I did google and found a link. However i wasn’t sure if there was additional Info i would need since it is in a .nupkg.

K2Hunter - Did you try the Install-Module -Name PoshFunctions command that I listed earlier? It seems like you want us to hold your hand during the whole process. I’m not asking you to trust me 100%, I’m merely asking you to trust me a little bit and to try the suggestions that I make. Try it and see the result. Re-read what the responses have been as both I and others are being pretty clear. Any lack of clarity can be handled with a simple Google search.

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Hey, yes I’ve been able to. I had to log in to a Dev box and then enable script running. I don’t know why it wasn’t working prior. Anyways, I was able to install them and import, I do see Test-ConnectionAsync available in my list of commands. Will this allow me to link this command to a list in a txt file for it to run?

Kiel, I did not insult you at all. AND … I appreciate if you’d spend at least a minimum effort to help yourself in the first place before coming here and asking basic questions. And if you did already you show it at least. But probably both of us wont get what we desire. :wink: :smiley:


Well this is a forum I figured it was to help with the learning process. Google directed me to the forum initially. This is where I ended up. Have at it. Regardless this isn’t getting anywhere. Enjoy your day/evening.

Read the help for Test-ConnectionAsync, the parameter -Computername can be an already existing array of computernames/ipaddresses or you can pass (Get-Content -Path filenamewithservers.txt) to the -Computername parameter.

Minor point here Olaf, whether someone is insulted is their judgment call. You may not have intended to insult, but that’s the way they interpreted it.

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It is possible to ping a DNS-name such as using the PingDemo() method. Everything works perfectly in this demo. I’d like to use this DNS feature to transfer data to a site can someone do my coursework on my local network.