Pester HTML report over time


I need to report to senior management a realtime report of a bunch of network test, i’d like to use pester which i currently use fir integration testing.

Is it possible to create html output that shows the results over a period of time rather than just the results of the most recent test. Ideally i’d like to see the time a file copy takes over the course of a day and present this in the HTML output.

I can run the File copy in a While Loop, but it’s only when i invoke-pester the output is generated in NUnitXml.

Any ideas?

You can schedule the Pester test to run with a scheduled task but you’re not going to get a value other than pass/fail on the report. Pester is only meant to test a boolean value. If you need to see actual numbers, straight PowerShell works.

You can use Format-Pester.