PARSING: Copy lines from several files into a single point of other html files

hello, maybe someone can help me. I have a lot of html files in Folder-1 and the same number of files in Folder-2. The name of the files is the same on both folders, only the content of them is different. As you can see in this image what I want to do is to copy the lines from <!–START–> to <!–FINNISH –> comments and paste them to other files from second folder, in html files, in the point PUT-HERE-THE-CODE

You have to know that the content of <!–START–> to <!–FINNISH –> is different on all pages, so only this 2 words are repeated in all files, the links are different. And in the Folder-2, the only part that repeats in all files is PUT-HERE-THE-CODE


This are the code lines from both files:




You can use a regular expression to grab everything between <!–START–> and <!–FINNISH –> and just replace the text in the other file. Here’s an example for a single file. Put this into a loop for all your files and you’re good to go:

$source = Get-Content E:\Temp\Files\HTML\html-source.htm -Raw

$destination = Get-Content E:\Temp\Files\HTML\html-dest.htm -Raw

$newContent = [regex]::match($source,"<!--START-->[\s\S]+<!--FINNISH -->").value

$destination = $destination -replace 'PUT-HERE-THE-CODE',$newContent

Set-Content E:\Temp\Files\HTML\html-dest.htm $destination -Encoding UTF8


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Thank you, yes, but your code will make a replacement only in 2 files, html-source.htm and html-dest.htm But I have 1300 files in Folder-1 and 1300 files in Folder-2. So I want to change all at once. How can I do that ?

I made a PowerShell Code, but is not working. Where did I go wrong?


That was just an example to get you started. You need to put the code in a loop to process all the files. Here’s another example:

$sourceFiles = Get-ChildItem E:\Temp\Files\HTML\source  
$destinationFolder = 'E:\Temp\Files\HTML\destination'

foreach ($file in $sourceFiles) {

    $sourceContent = Get-Content $file.FullName -Raw
    $contentToInsert = [regex]::match($sourceContent,"<!--START-->[\s\S]+<!--FINNISH -->").value
    $destinationContent = Get-Content $destinationFolder\$($file.Name) -Raw
    $destinationContent = $destinationContent -replace 'PUT-HERE-THE-CODE',$contentToInsert

    Set-Content -Path $destinationFolder\$($file.Name) -Value $destination -Encoding UTF8

} #end foreach file



Thank for reply, I believe the more appropriate regex would be (?s)(<\!--START-->).*(<\!--FINNISH -->)
I write again your code
$sourceFiles = Get-ChildItem 'c:\Folder1' $destinationFolder = 'c:\Folder2'

foreach ($file in $sourceFiles) {

$sourceContent = Get-Content $file.FullName -Raw
$contentToInsert = [regex]::match($sourceContent,“(?s)(<!–START–>).*(<!–FINNISH –>)”).value
$destinationContent = Get-Content $destinationFolder$($file.Name) -Raw
$destinationContent = $destinationContent -replace ‘PUT-HERE-THE-CODE’,$contentToInsert

Set-Content -Path $destinationFolder$($file.Name) -Value $destination -Encoding UTF8

} #end foreach file

the problem is, after run the code, all of my files are empty, so something deleted everything on my files. I do’t know what the problem can be…


Sorry, my fault for changing the variable names. The last line wasn’t fully changed from the previous example, the value should be $destinationContent

Set-Content -Path $destinationFolder\$($file.Name) -Value $destinationContent -Encoding UTF8

I note you’ve also modified the regular expression. Your one doesn’t match any content when I test it.

WORKS PERFECTLY. Thanks. Also, works with this regex: (?ms)<!–START–>(.+)<!–FINNISH –>


$sourceFiles = Get-ChildItem ‘c:\Folder-1’
$destinationFolder = ‘c:\Folder-2’

foreach ($file in $sourceFiles) {

$sourceContent = Get-Content $file.FullName -Raw
$contentToInsert = [regex]::match($sourceContent,“<!–START–>[\s\S]+<!–FINNISH –>”).value
$destinationContent = Get-Content $destinationFolder$($file.Name) -Raw
$destinationContent = $destinationContent -replace ‘PUT-HERE-THE-CODE’,$contentToInsert

Set-Content -Path $destinationFolder$($file.Name) -Value $destinationContent -Encoding UTF8

} #end foreach file