Parse single line output

PS C:\> Get-Content "C:\GPS TRACKER\gps-position1.txt" 
2016-01-15 00:21:04_41.05369631_-74.28771954_

What I am trying to do is only select the values after the _.

So from this string I would want 41.05369631 and -74.28771954. I would like to assign these values to separate variables, for example $lat and $long.

Thanks in advance for all of your help Fellas!

If the data is always going to be that simple, delimited form, then something like this should be fine:

$line = Get-Content "C:\GPS TRACKER\gps-position1.txt" -TotalCount 1
$array = $line -split '_'
$lat = $array[1]
$long = $array[2]

(Note: At this point, $lat and $long are still strings rather than numbers, so you wouldn’t be doing math with them directly. Converting to numeric types is easy, so long as the data is valid, but you might want some better parsing / validation code to make sure of that first.)

First use RegEx to do pattern matching on your string. I’m using labeled capture to easily get that section of the pattern match later from the automatic $matches variable that is populated when you use the -match operator.

$regexmatch = "2016-01-15 00:21:04_41.05369631_-74.28771954_" -match ".*_(?'lat'.*)_(?'long'.*)_"

$lat = $matches['lat']
$long = $matches['long']




Nice Dave, I like the simple approach.

Thanks Fellas, Exactly what I need. Didn’t realize it was that simple .