Parameter Set Based on another parameter with Validate Set

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Tried doing some searching for this but couldn’t seem to find anything in specific around this topic or my search FU is not so great, which is probably the case.
<p class=“s90z9tc-10 fHRkcP”>Is it possible to tie parameter sets based on the value of another parameter with a validate set? i.e. I have a parameter that has two options. Say ‘Prod’ & ‘Dev’. If you select ‘Prod’ then Parameter Set 1 (Production parameters) comes into play and likewise if you use ‘Dev’ then the ‘Dev’ parameters come into play. Or is this going to be a matter of just splitting that one parameter out into two separate parameters and just lumping them into their respective parameter sets?</p>
<p class=“s90z9tc-10 fHRkcP”>Hopefully I explained that well and thanks.</p>

AFAIK, later is the only option.

Pretty sure you could do it with a dynamic parameter but that’s seriously over-complicating it.

Either do your latter method, each parameter as a switch in it’s own parameter set, or a single parameter with ValidateSet to control the values. In both cases, your function body will end up with pretty much the same code to handle that.

Thanks for the response. I think I will have to split them out. I have it in a validate set now but do not see a way to have a parameter set ‘active’ based on which item is chosen.

Thanks again.

@MarkRoloff From what I’ve seen, DynamicParameters can understand whether the parameter is bound or not, but cannot get the value of the bound parameter.