P.Shell 7 "Get-Package" returns NOTHING. P.Shell 5 RETURNS on same computer!!!

I have many packages on my lap top. I have preinstalled PS 5 and installed PS 7. I install many software packages using the scripts in PS 7. If I run Get-Package command in PowerShell version 7 I am not getting anything as output

PS C:\Windows\System32> Get-Package
PS C:\Windows\System32>

If I run the same command in PowerShell 5 on the same computer I am getting many results:

PS C:\windows\system32> Get-Package

Name Version Source ProviderName
---- ------- ------ ------------

Git version 2.9.0 2.9.0 Programs
Microsoft SQL Server 2017 (… Programs
Microsoft SQL Server 2019 (… Programs
Office 16 Click-to-Run Exte… 16.0.11929.20606 msi

How is this possible??? Get-Command is the Windows command which should return result in any case. Please help, Thanks in advance!!!

I was under the impression that starting with PS V6, they went Open Source which should only show what is supported on all open source platforms of which MS SQL would not be. Again, this was my understanding, I could be wrong.


thanks for your efforts to reply on this. Did you read something about this, do you have maybe some link so I could see? I searched through the internet and I could not find any reason why I cannot retrieve the list of packages using the “Get-Package”. Does it have sense to you for them to completely change the logic of such an important command?

Also any additional help from others is highly appreciated.

I am still very very confused that I am not getting anything in PS 7, while in PS5 I think I have more than 100 results of different products…


I ready something on line a while back. Have a look at this. Again, I have no conclusive evidence, it just seemed to make sense that one would only support the same objects across all platforms, of which MS SQL would not be one of them. Read this, see if you conclude the same?



Powershell 7 doesn’t support msi or programs packages.

Thank you all for your kind answers!