outputing and writing to a file


Im trying to write a script that is checking some info on servers then the idea is to output that to a file. I also want to add some text to that file in order for the reader to make sense of the data.

for example

Here is the text to understand the following output

My OutPut (which works fine)
nslookup $line | out-file $migrationcheckfile -append

But now i want to put some text infront of that in the file. How do i do that?

I tried adding
Add-Content $migrationcheckfile “NSLOOKUP” infront of it but then the output command goes all onto one line and spaced out.

“Whatever I want in the text file first” | out-file $migrationcheckfile -append
nslookup $line | out-file $migrationcheckfile -append

That’s worked a treat. Thank you.