output of only part of the script

Hi all

I have this:

(dir D:\WS\App1\bin\RL.Cservice.Core.dll).VersionInfo | select @{N=‘App1’;E={$.FileVersion}}
(dir D:\WS\App2\bin\RL.Cservice.Core.dll).VersionInfo | select @{N=‘App2’;E={$

The problem is that when I run it , I get only reply on the fist line

I need to be able to get answer for each line (there are more than these 2 in total)
(something like


so I will be able to export it as report in HTML/txt or different type.

You really should start to learn the basics of Powershell. You could do something like this:

Get-Item -Path “D:\WS\App*\bin\RL.Cservice.Core.dll” | Select-Object -Property Directory,BaseName,Extension,@{Name=‘FileVersion’;Expression={$_.VersionInfo.FileVersion}}

I know the basics of Powershell and you even didn’t answer the question.
anyway , I already solved this .

I answered your question. Did you try the code I posted?