Output Data from several CSV cells into String

I am pulling information from a csv. I want to input this data into a Word Document on separate lines.
My csv is something like:
8533, A10 Networks
8533, Active Directory
8533, Video Teleconference (VTC)
8533, Remote Access Policy
8236, Microsoft Outlook 2010

My code look like:

$key = Read-Host “Please enter Key”
$csv = Import-CSV “file.csv”

[string]$key = $key
$csv | where {$.VKEY -eq $key } |Foreach{
[string]$stigs = $
.STIGS -join ‘`n’

SearchAWord –Document $Doc -findtext 'STIG ' -replacewithtext $stigs 


This only inputs the first cell from the csv into the word document. Im assuming something needs to go next to [string]$stigs = $_.STIGS. I tried `n, `r, -join.

try this line instead

$stigs = ($csv | where {$_.VKEY -eq $key }).STIGS -join "`n"

That did it. However it mashed them together like

A10 Networks Active Directory Video Teleconference (VTC) Remote Access Policy Microsoft Outlook 2010

You might also try piping your result to Out-String -

$csv | where { whatever } | Select stigs | Out-String