output collection members

by dw_anderson at 2012-11-02 05:44:16

I want to output members of a device collection to a file. I imported the sccm 2012 powershell module. I’m getting an error though.

get-cmdevicecollection -name "eyemaginations" | gc membercount

Here’s the output:

get-cmdevicecollection : The adapter cannot get property "ReadCount" for
instance of SMS_Collection
CollectionID = "CMB00100";
CollectionRules = {
instance of SMS_CollectionRuleDirect
ResourceClassName = "SMS_R_System";
ResourceID = 16779309;
RuleName = "L-01382";
instance of SMS_CollectionRuleDirect
ResourceClassName = "SMS_R_System";
ResourceID = 16779896;
RuleName = "SEI_117";

Thanks in advance.
by coderaven at 2012-11-02 20:44:42
This is a beta PS command. It will take me a little to build a test env to look at what is going on here.

if you are just trying to output to file why would something like this not work?
get-cmdevicecollection -name "eyemaginations" | Export-CSV eye-members.csv
Or if you are trying to pull count just do this
(get-cmdevicecollection -name "eyemaginations").Count
by dw_anderson at 2012-11-05 05:25:21
Thanks Allan, I will try these. What I ended up doing is running a collection report in the SCCM console and exporting to a csv from there.

-Drew Anderson