I have three functions that collect data from Labels, Textboxes and Comboboxes.
I am trying to Out-String to a textbox.

I can get the information in there but not how I want.

So I would like it to look like:

Label Text: User input text
Label Text: Combobox input text.

I have used three functions to make less code.
1st function Takes main details of the user.
2nd Function takes the problem from one of the tabs.
Last Function Takes SLA details.

Yet I cannot get them to show how I want.

Unfortunally I cannot show code. :frowning:

Well, if you can’t show at least some of what you’re trying, it’s a bit impossible to help. I’ll try to be generic.

I don’t think Out-String is what you want. I think you want to create a double-quoted here-string. In it, you can use $(subexpressions) to reference your form controls. The subexpressions evaluate as code, so you can construct the block of text however you want.