OT: convert Convergence Time

Sorry about the off topic but can anyone advise how I could convert (with powershell!) this Convergence Time value for AD repl?



Hi Jeff, it would help if you explain how you got this time value and what the parts represent. Taking a wild guess I’m thinking 13 minutes, 14 seconds, 1445641 10 millionths of a second. I assume you mean convert it into a timespan, but you really did not say what you wanted to convert it into.

You could do something like this.

$timestamp = "PT13M14.1445641S"
(Select-String -InputObject $timestamp -Pattern "^(\d*?)PT(\d*?)M(\d*?)\.(\d*?)S$").Matches |
ForEach-Object {
    [System.TimeSpan]::FromMinutes($_.Groups[2].value) +
    [System.TimeSpan]::FromSeconds($_.Groups[3].value) +