Operator "contains" not working as expected

I have two arrays one is having DLs current membership details $DL = @() and another one is having all Users Profile Data from Okta which i get it by API call $okta().

$DL = @()

$okta = @()

$Okta | ForEach { if (($.Manager -eq “XYZ”) -and ($DL.PrimarySMTP -notcontains $.email) )
{$NewMember += @($_)}

I get don’t get new member details in $NewMember but i get details who are already in the DL. can anyone help me with this


Thank you


Few missing pieces.

The $DL variable yo provided is empty. Hence property ‘PrimarySMTP’ cannot be used. Variable $okta is also empty.
I believe DL variable will have list of mail IDs. But difficult to guess. Pleas share the values(sample) if possible.

You can assume something like this

$DL = @()

$DL = Get-DistributionGroupMember “some-DL” -ResultSize unlimited

$okta = @() # let’s assume it has User data which we got it from Okta API using invoke-restmethod commandlets

It has user profile like first name last name and email id etc

basically i am querying this metadata for new hire joining to some manager’s team and same time I am validating that if user is already in the DL

unfortunately I am not getting new user who is in the $okta but not in the DL

Hope this is clear

HI rpsingh

while querying $_.Manager -eq “XYZ” can you validate the value XYZ seems problem with there, as you used the equal operator(-eq) it needs to be the exact match or else you can try with -like operator,unless all other values present correctly.

I suggest you to use an editor (VSCode or PowerShell ISE), save this code as script and put a break point on if condition and debug. THis will give you the reason for unexpected behavior. You can share the results here.