Only enable user from Administrator Group


I want to see only enabled users from administrator group on windows 10 device. Get-LocalGroupMember Administrators command is not supported in some powershell modules. Anyone have any other ideas?

Thank you

As answered on one of your several duplicated posts across the web.

    $enabledlocal = Get-WmiObject win32_useraccount | Where-Object {$_.Disabled -eq $false}

    $adminmembers = Get-WmiObject win32_groupuser | Where-Object {$_.groupcomponent -like '*administrators*'}

    $adminmembers.partcomponent -replace '^.+Name="|"$' | Where-Object {$_ -in $enabledlocal.Name}

Or you could flip it to

    $enabledlocal | Where-Object {$_.Name -in @($adminmembers.partcomponent -replace '^.+Name="|"$')

it’s working. thank you :slight_smile: