[not a error]New-MailboxExportRequest Filtered by date

Hello All,

i try to run this command for a filtered export, but only the folders are exported. I don’t understand why ?


$DateE = “10/26/2018”

New-MailboxExportRequest -Mailbox $id -filepath $destination -ContentFilter {(IsRead -eq $false) -and (Received -eq $DateE)}



I also tried whith the command {(received -gt $date1) -and (received -lt $date2)} but i have all email unread that have been exported. I run in a Exchange 2013 with the version 4.0 of powershell.

Anyone know why this doesn’t run correctly ?


Thx for help

I would imagine you need to do (Received -like “$DateE”) You’re trying to do an exact match for 10/26/2018"