Noob trying move files from one server to another server

Trying to move files off my local Domain PC to a work group server, using bitstransfer. [br]

when I run my script I receive the attached error … The exe will launch on my local PC [br][br]

The path is correct for both the destination and source [br]

 Import-Module bitstransfer
$cred = Get-Credential
$destPath = \\\C$\temp\Scrutinizer-windows-installer.exe
$sourcePath = C:\temp\Scrutinizer-windows-installer.exe
Start-BitsTransfer -Source $sourcePath -Destination $destPath -Credential $cred


Isn’t a valid UNC. You’re not showing that syntax in your example, but it’s what appears in the error message.

Also, understand that BITS isn’t an SMB-based file transfer. It’s an HTTP-based transfer, and the destination is expected to have a web server capable of receiving the incoming data.

Thank you for the reply [br] I will look into moving the files through shared folders.

get-help move-item