Noob Needs Help Creating Folders

Two insurance offices, with users able to add customers to either office. Desire to automate the creation of user folders for correspondence, notes, etc.

Existing Shared Folders:
Google Drive\Denver\Customers\A
Google Drive\Denver\Customers\B
Google Drive\Denver\Customers\C
Google Drive\Denver\Customers\D
… on thru Z
Google Drive\Miami\Customers\A-K
Google Drive\Miami\Customers\L-Z

I need a script/executable to:

  1. Accept keyboard input (drop down box?) to choose Denver or Miami
  2. Accept keyboard input for new customer name (ex: Smith, Joe)
  3. Create customer folder %custname in the correct city and in the correct alpha folder below that
  4. Create customer subfolders under the %custname folder

Thanks for the help!

Hi Mike, welcome to the forum! :wave:

This forum provides a platform for volunteers to assist others with questions/issues with their powershell code. It is not a script factory, unfortunately. If you’ve attempted to solve your need and have run into issues, please post the relevant code and describe with it/isn’t happening and someone here will happily help. Be sure to post any code/errors using the preformatted option, it is the </> icon which may be located behind the settings wheel depending on your screensize/browser.

If you haven’t yet attempted anything, I recommend you search the internet for examples for similar requirements. With your specific ask, I assure you there are many hundreds or thousands online. You may not find a script that does exactly what you need, but extremely close and require basic modifications (by you) to achieve what you want.

If you can’t or don’t want to try and do this yourself, then you may look at hiring a freelance developer.

Have a fantastic day!

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