Nodes will not accept Pull config LCM

@Musketeer: Can you upload the zip file on a public blob somewhere? or email it to me at

Was this ever resolved? I am having the same issue with the the nodes failing to register with the Pull Server. I’ve had this pull server going for close to a year and everything was working fine using Configuration ID’s. But using Configuration Names with a Registration Key, registration of the DSC Agent fails. Both my pull server and my node’s are running PowerShell 5, and I rebuilt my pull server using the latest version of the xPSDesiredStateConfiguration module, which I believe was version 5.1.

Google turns up a lot of threads regarding this issue, but I haven’t seen any concrete solutions to it.

We still do not have any solution for this.

Currently still running everything as push, which is far from ideal but does actually work. It’s a little impractical for machines which are on some of our domains, so this would be great if I could get this working.

you might have already tried this, but whacking all the mof files in c:\windows\system32\configuration can help with issues like this where things are acting like wmf4 but have wmf5 installed. Worth a shot anyway.

I just reverted back to using Config ID’s, thanks.