No newline in a split variable.


I am trying to do something like this:

$array = “Hello, every, body”
$array -split ‘,’

When i do this, it display it in this way:

I want them on ONE line. Any suggestions? This is a problem for other stuff too…

This is just a string though, not an array:

$array = "Hello, every, body"

This would be an array:

$array = "Hello", "every", "body"

To turn the array back into a string you could do this:

$array -Join " "

Variable Array is not actually an array here, so you can do a replace with space

$array -replace ',',''

if its an array of string on integers you can do it like


String conversion does the magic.

-split turns a string into an array. It just displays it as three lines. Maybe you want to replace the commas with spaces?

PS /Users/js> $array = "Hello,every,body"
PS /Users/js> $array = $array -split ','

PS /Users/js> $array.count                                                                                       
PS /Users/js> $array[0]                                                                                          
PS /Users/js> $array[1]                                                                                          
PS /Users/js> $array[2]                                                                                          

PS /Users/js> $array = "Hello,every,body"
PS /Users/js> $array = $array -replace ',',' '                                                                   
PS /Users/js> $array                                                                                             
Hello every body

I was just wondering, what if you have $array = “one”,“two”,“three”, PowerShell display them on three lines. How do you get the output on just one line?

What exactly are you trying to accomplish? The array is 3 items, so it’s 3 rows. Powershell displays rows on each line horizontally by default. Cmdlets like Format-Table or Format-List manipulate the columns, but everything is still displayed on each row horizontall. If you want to see them vertically, as this the other folks have said, you need to convert the array to a string. Outside of that, you are going against the display behavior in Powershell and modifying format XML files, which is complicated because you are going against default display behavior.

PS C:\users\superuser> $array -join ' '
one two three

# or
PS C:\users\superuser> "$array"
one two three