new-webserviceproxy and asmx pages

by brittfam at 2013-01-31 17:21:31

Newb -

How does one find the relevant asmx page for a site in order to use the new-webserviceproxy commandlet? For instance, I would like to query the DELL and IBM sites for warrantee information on my servers. I would like to use powershell to retrieve the information and place in a word doc. It appears that I need to obtain the asmx page for the site I am looking for in order to query it.

by DonJ at 2013-01-31 17:30:06
Well, it isn’t necessarily an ASMX page. That’d be a .NET endpoint, but any URL can potentially expose a Web service. A Web service is just a URL that accepts queries in a predefined format (POST or SOAP, for example) and returns data in a definite structure (REST or SOAP, for example) so that a program, as opposed to a human, can consume that data.

And it has to be advertised in some fashion - someone has to tell you. So, you’d have to get IBM or Dell to do so. They may or may not want you doing that, and may have rules for doing so. There may be a specific procedure, such as authentication, you have to go through.

So you’re not after an ASMX page. You’re after their Web service endpoint URL, assuming they publish such a thing, and you’d have to ask them for it.