new Psobject outputting expression

Hi - was wondering if I could get some help… I would like to output a specific set of subfolders in outlook based on a specific path. The script is done but my output contains the expression of the output… I’m looking to remove @{FolderPath= from the output

$arrymailboxes = get-mailbox -organizationalunit “Users”

$arrymailboxes | % {

New-Object psobject -Property @{

Name = $_.Name

DMSubFolder = (get-MailboxFolderStatistics $.Name | ? {$.FolderPath -like “/Inbox/_DM*”} | select folderpath )




User, New {@{FolderPath=/Inbox/_DM Quick Filer}, @{FolderPath=/Inbox/_DM Quick Filer/_Confidential}, @{FolderPath=/Inbox/_DM Quick Filer/120165046 - General Inquiries}

# Added -ExpandProperty after Select-Object cmdlet

? {$_.FolderPath -like "/Inbox/_DM*"} | Select-Object -ExpandProperty folderpath )

stoke of genius… thankyou…