New install of 7.3.3 doesn't load modules

Hey guys.

I have a server that previously ran only Windows PowerShell. I’ve recently loaded PWSH 7.3.3 but it only shows the bare minimum modules. The module path looks good. What am I missing?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Try to manually load a module that is not loaded. See if there is an error

Use Import-Module

Thanks. It says there’s no valid module file, even though it’s in the $psmodulepath. It’s like it’s not reading the variable.

What happens with this command in both versions changing EpectedModule for the module failing to load:

Get-Module -ListAvailable *ExpectedModule*

You can also get the path and compare in both versions:

(Get-Module -ListAvailable *EpectedModule*).Path

As a side note, I can load modules in both versions without issues.

I’ve never had this issue either, but I’ve just been updating most systems since v7.0. I’ll double-check the environment variable and make sure there’s nothing weird in there.

Double check where the module is. Windows Powershell and Powershell core have different module paths