My web developer is trying to run a powershell script that uses the New-IISSiteBinding cmdlet. He is running it on a Windows 2016 web server running PS version 5.1.14 with IISAdministration module version which does NOT have teh New-IISiteBinding cmdlet available. This seems to availalbe on Windows 19 PS version 5.1.17 with IISAdminsitration module version

Is it possible to upgrade the IISAdministration module on Windows 2016 to

I try to and run update-module IISADministration but receive the following error

S C:\Users\administrator.TECHPRO> Update-Module IISAdministration
pdate-Module : Module 'IISAdministration' was not installed by using Install-Module, so it cannot be updated.
t line:1 char:1
 Update-Module IISAdministration
   + CategoryInfo          : InvalidOperation: (IISAdministration:String) [Write-Error], WriteErrorException
   + FullyQualifiedErrorId : ModuleNotInstalledUsingInstallModuleCmdlet,Update-Module

However, when I run get-module, the module is in fact there. Can I accomplish what I am trying to do with Windows 2016?

PS C:\Users\administrator.TECHPRO> get-module

ModuleType Version Name ExportedCommands

Manifest Microsoft.PowerShell.Management {Add-Computer, Add-Content, Checkpoint-Computer, Clear-Con…
Manifest Microsoft.PowerShell.Utility {Add-Member, Add-Type, Clear-Variable, Compare-Object…}
Binary PackageManagement {Find-Package, Find-PackageProvider, Get-Package, Get-Pack…
Script PowerShellGet {Find-Command, Find-DscResource, Find-Module, Find-RoleCap…
Script 1.2 PSReadline {Get-PSReadlineKeyHandler, Get-PSReadlineOption, Remove-PS…

The error message is pretty explicit “.... was not installed by using Install-Module....”.
Did you try to install the module using Install-Module?

Yes I did, however I discovered there was a GPO in place. Language mode was also constrained. Removed policies and updated module.

P.S. Do you know why is no longer active as a fully interactive site? I can’t seem to login to but can only access the forums link.

Prasoon actually answered already to your question