New DSC Resources for the Community

Hello everyone!

If you use PowerShell DSC, you may have noticed that some of Microsoft’s experimental DSC resources do not support Windows Server 2008 R2, e.g. xSmbShare, xFirewall etc.
I thought you may be interested in the following custom DSC resource modules I created for the community. All of them can be used on machines running Windows Server 2008 R2 and later.
Any feedback will be highly appreciated!

  1. cNtfsAccessControl
    The cNtfsAccessControl module contains the cNtfsPermissionEntry DSC resource that provides a mechanism to manage NTFS permission entries.

PowerShell Gallery - cNtfsAccessControl
GitHub - cNtfsAccessControl

  1. cMsmq
    The cMsmq module contains DSC resources for managing private MSMQ queues.

PowerShell Gallery - cMsmq
GitHub - cMsmq

  1. cFirewall
    The cFirewall module contains the cFirewallRule DSC resource that provides a mechanism to manage firewall rules.

PowerShell Gallery - cFirewall
GitHub - cFirewall

  1. cLocalFileShare
    The cLocalFileShare module contains the cLocalFileShare DSC resource that provides a mechanism to manage local file shares.

PowerShell Gallery - cLocalFileShare
GitHub - cLocalFileShare

  1. cLocalGroup
    The cLocalGroup module contains the cLocalGroup DSC resource that provides a mechanism to manage local groups.
    Unlike the Group built-in DSC resource, the cLocalGroup resource does not require the Credential property to add non-local accounts to the group. However, this is not guaranteed to work in all environments.

PowerShell Gallery - cLocalGroup
GitHub - cLocalGroup

Tweeted! I’ll note that the convention of adding a “c” prefix is no longer a recommendation; Microsoft has stepped away from the “c” and “x” designations.

Thanks, Don! I didn’t know that “c” prefix is no longer a recommendation. Can you please share the link to the most recent recommendations?

There was a short discussion on twitter about it. @JeffWouters suggested to bring it up at the “summits”. I suspect he meant MVP summit. To my knowledge there has been no information about a official change, how ever the tweets suggested changing the naming standard implemented in chef/ansible/puppet which is author-resourcename instead of c for community, x for vendor etc. Maybe Don can elaborate if he have further information?