Network-performance-monitor a specific process

I can’t find the counter for the Network usage of a specific process. This gets one all process related counters.

‘Get-Counter -ListSet process | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Counter’

How can one get the number of TCP connections and the bandwidth usage of a specific process thru Powershell?

I can’t seem to find a counter for bandwith usage or tcp connections among the returned objects, all I could see was I/O counters which makes me think that they are not broken in to disk and network.

If the counters aren’t there they don’t exist, so you cant rely on counters to get this information.

Honestly I don’t think that there is an easy way to get this information using native powershell commands, maybe you should look for a third party product?


There must be a native way; or how does Process explorer get that information? Even the new Task manager gives you the Total bandwidth usage if each process. Even a 3rd party CLI utility would do. But CLI utilities like Pslist don’t show the bandwidth usage.