Need to setspn in bulk for computer objects

I have to populate a list of AD Computer objects with a backedup array of SPNs from a csv

the csv is in the form of:

host1,SPN#1;SPN#2;SPN#3; etc

How can I script the setting of these SPNs?

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Just parse the file, address those semi colon for the SPN collection and loop thru your list while use setspn.exe.

    # Create SPNs for target hosts
    ('host00','host01','host03') | 
    % { 
        setspn -s "SPN#1/$_ $env:USERDOMAIN\$env:USERNAME"
        setspn -s "SPN#2/$_ $env:USERDOMAIN\$env:USERNAME"
        setspn -s "SPN#3/$_ $env:USERDOMAIN\$env:USERNAME"

    # View SPN's of target hosts
    ('host00','host01','host03') | 
    % { setspn -L $_ }

If you are saying that SPN collection is unknown then something like this normal parse/split and loop.

$SPNList = Import-Csv -Path 'D:\Scripts\SPNList.csv'

ForEacH ($SPNTarget in $SPNList)
    "Processing SPNs for $($SPNTarget.Name)"
    ForEach($SPNName in ($SPNTarget.ServicePrincipalName -split ';'))
    { setspn -s "$SPNName/$($SPNTarget.Name) $env:USERDOMAIN\$env:USERNAME" }

I can’t test the above right now.

thank you postanote

No worries