Need to rename files by date and time

Hey Team,

I’ve never used PowerShell before so I’m a little unaware of the required formatting, and how to use it.

What I’m wanting to do is rename a bulk number of files (about 2000), in numbered order by the modified date. For example, DSC_001, DSC_002, etc. Where DSC_001 was made before DSC_002, etc. There can be seconds between each photo so exact time is important.

The method in explorer isn’t working for me, even though it’s renaming all the files and I sorted by date, the number order doesn’t replicate the order of the modified files. After doing a bit of reading I heard PowerShell might be handy.

I tried googling but I was getting very specific queries of naming files with the date in the title. I want a basic numbered order by modified date.

If you could talk me through it in a very basic manor, I’d appreciate it.


Hi Kurt,

You are probably looking for something as simple as below:


Thanks Daniel, I’ll try this tonight.