Need to list network adapters on remote servers with Ip, subnet, gateway etc.


I need to provide a list of remote servers, their adapters and TCP configuration such as IP, subnet mask, gateway etc.

I want to do this for all servers in our domain

I have found some nice scripts on the internet but they do not seem to work

Do any of you guys know a simple cmdlet or short scriptblock to achive this and export to a .csv?


Many thanks in advance!

If the do not work they are not nice I’d say. :wink: … you may debug one of them for you or adapt it to your special needs.

This forum is for scripting questions rather than script requests. We do not write customized and ready to use scripts or solutions on request.

What have you tried so far? We expect you to make an own attempt to get your task done or to solve your problem. If you have done so already please document here what exactly you have done and show your code. Then we probably might be able to help you step further.

Did you try to search the PowershellGallery