Need script to check mail attribute domain only in Acrive Directory

I need to be able to run a script to get the Active Directory users email by domain name. The part on the right of the @ sign ex. ( just
I want the script to search all email’s in AD ending in domain “” and then add that user to a security group. ( memberof tab)
Is there a sample i can use?

Use Get-ADUser to get your users using -filter to filter on your email address

Get-ADUser -filter "mail -like '*"

Then use Add-ADGroupMember to add those users to your group.

Thanks that worked. I will filter for recursive since it only pulls a few emails

The ‘Mail’ attribute specifies the users primary SMTP address.Querying the ‘proxyAddresses’ attribute might work better if you’re looking for any users who have an e-mail address and not just ones who have it set as their primary SMTP address. Depends on your requirements though.

I am not seeing the “proxyAddresses” attribute in the AD attribute editor. Is that for extended AD / Exchange?

proxyAddresses is an Exchange attribute. It holds the multiple X400, X509, SIP & SMTP addresses for the user.

If you do not have Exchange, what email system do you have?

The mail attribute doesn’t necessarily match proxyaddresses.

get-aduser -Filter {anr -like “smtp:*”} |select -First 1