Need Help Editing PoSh Script

Hello, everyone. I want to use a PowerShell script to adjust the Power Mode slider in Windows 10 from the default ‘Balanced’ to ‘Best Performance’. I found an existing script that cycles through the 3 power mode options to correct a specific issue. However I would like to massage it to just do a one time change from balanced to best performance. Any help is greatly appreciated!
Here is the existing script:

Toggle power mode away from and then back to effective overlay

$togglePowerOverlay = {
$function = @’
[DllImport(“powrprof.dll”, EntryPoint=“PowerSetActiveOverlayScheme”)]
public static extern int PowerSetActiveOverlayScheme(Guid OverlaySchemeGuid);
[DllImport(“powrprof.dll”, EntryPoint=“PowerGetActualOverlayScheme”)]
public static extern int PowerGetActualOverlayScheme(out Guid ActualOverlayGuid);
[DllImport(“powrprof.dll”, EntryPoint=“PowerGetEffectiveOverlayScheme”)]
public static extern int PowerGetEffectiveOverlayScheme(out Guid EffectiveOverlayGuid);
$power = Add-Type -MemberDefinition $function -Name “Power” -PassThru -Namespace System.Runtime.InteropServices

$modes = @{
    "better_battery"     = [guid] "961cc777-2547-4f9d-8174-7d86181b8a7a";
    "better_performance" = [guid] "00000000000000000000000000000000";
    "best_performance"   = [guid] "ded574b5-45a0-4f42-8737-46345c09c238"

$actualOverlayGuid = [Guid]::NewGuid()
$ret = $power::PowerGetActualOverlayScheme([ref]$actualOverlayGuid)
if ($ret -eq 0) {
    "Actual power overlay scheme: $($($modes.GetEnumerator()|where {$_.value -eq  $actualOverlayGuid}).Key)." | Write-Host

$effectiveOverlayGuid = [Guid]::NewGuid()
$ret = $power::PowerGetEffectiveOverlayScheme([ref]$effectiveOverlayGuid)

if ($ret -eq 0) {        
    "Effective power overlay scheme: $($($modes.GetEnumerator() | where { $_.value -eq  $effectiveOverlayGuid }).Key)." | Write-Host
    $toggleOverlayGuid = if ($effectiveOverlayGuid -ne $modes["best_performance"]) { $modes["best_performance"] } else { $modes["better_performance"] }     
    # Toggle Power Mode
    $ret = $power::PowerSetActiveOverlayScheme($toggleOverlayGuid)
    if ($ret -eq 0) {
        "Toggled power overlay scheme to: $($($modes.GetEnumerator()| where { $_.value -eq  $toggleOverlayGuid }).Key)." | Write-Host

    $ret = $power::PowerSetActiveOverlayScheme($effectiveOverlayGuid)
    if ($ret -eq 0) {
        "Toggled power overlay scheme back to: $($($modes.GetEnumerator()|where {$_.value -eq  $effectiveOverlayGuid }).Key)." | Write-Host
else {
    "Failed to toggle active power overlay scheme." | Write-Host      


Execute the above

& $togglePowerOverlay

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