Need a script to use a threading.

Hi All,

I want to run a T-SQL batch statement (select statement) in 1000+ servers. But if i run the script using regular powershell, it will take a long time as it will refer the serverlist .txt file to read each server entry, then it will call a powershell script where each server will be passed as a loop then the results will be copied to an output file.

Instead of that, I think to use PS thread where a bunch of 10 servers will be taken a at a time, so that the select statement which I want to run against the servers would be completed sooner.

Reply me with your inputs.


PowerShell is a single threaded application. Consider using background jobs.

You could compress your script into a single T-SQL statement instead of running 1000+ SELECT queries

$servers = Get-Content servers.txt
$servers = $servers -join "','"
$query = "SELECT * FROM table WHERE servername IN ('$servers')


Have you looked into background runspaces?

There’s a great into to the concept at

I’ve also got background runspaces heavily used in [url][/url] - feel free to look at the code and use the relevant parts as needed to get up to speed on how runspaces work.