MySQL Resource

Do you know a good MySQL Resource that is working?
I only found the one in the Gallery xMySQL but it is far from being a good one.

Well, I’m not sure what’s not working about xMySQL, or what makes it not a “good one,” but I haven’t run across any other ones out there. xMySQL being open source, you could certainly fix it up to do whatever it is you need.

Thanks for the response Don.
Yes that what I will probably do as my last option…
I will just write my problems so maybe somebody can help, before I will write my own module for that.

My problems with the current xMySQL module is the xMySQL Server Resource (that is responsible for checking and installing the MySQL Server):

  1. It uses the MySQL installer console for checking and installing, but the problem there is that the console parameters are not working (After some research they should be wrote differently).
  2. It doesn’t have a difference between “Community” and “Commercial” versions of the MySQL server.
  3. It doesn’t allow you to choose the version you want to check or install.