MVVM or WPF XAML chaining commands

Hi guys,

I have a script that’s launched by a batch file (awesome, right?) and it works end to end.

The script contains 5 functions each of which spits out a verbose message as the script works through its stages. One of them will create a popup window if an error is detected.

I’ve been playing around with xaml using the fox deploy website and google.
I really like working with Visual Basic Community 2017 and I’ve learned loads using it.

To the point:

I want the script to toss up a more refined window than the shell command window. I want it prettier.
To XAML. First off, using the separate run spaces creates enormous load lag, so I tossed that out.

Basically it’s a textbox to display the progress of the funcitons. Nothing more than that. 1 panel in 1 window. This window is set to isreadonly=“true” because I don’t want “them” editing it.

I stuffed all the functions into Add_Loaded followed Add_ContentRendered for the close command. I changed verobose to .Text.AddText(“Message”) unfortunately only the first message is displayed, the functions kick off while the windows sits, they finish and the window disappears.

All that aside and maybe this process needs to be scrapped for a better workflow…

My Goal: Load the window when the script is launched, flow through the functions in order while they provide a status update to the end user and close the window when the last function completes.

My current workflow works except the messaging part. Now I know it’s constructed poorly, I just don’t know how :wink:
I even tried running the functions as jobs but still got no messages.

I ran it with just a single message and it worked. Shoe-horning in the functions is the catch.