Move-ADObject returns error

Hi all,

I’m new to PowerShell and trying to move a retired computer into our graveyard. My boss set me a puzzle to try and figure out why I can move computers out but not in. I’m sure it’s a permissions issue. I have changed the names to protect the innocent.

Get-ADComputer Sojourner | Move-ADObject -TargetPath "OU=Graveyard,DC=Mars,DC=com"

I received an Access-Denied error and I ran

Get-Acl -Path "AD:\OU=Graveyard,DC=Mars,DC=com"

and I don’t really understand the output. Is there a way in PowerShell to see if I have the correct Permissions? Thank you for any help.

Don’t Nuke Mars!

Would it make more sense if you expand the access and choose only few values to look at?

[pre]get-acl “AD:\OU=GraveYard,DC=mars,DC=com” | select -expand access | select IdentityReference, AccessControlType, ActiveDirectoryRights[/pre]

Thank you for your help Aapeli. The WriteProperty is not assigned to my access for the group and it’s keeping me from moving objects in.