MOF not found in path error but physically exists

I might be missing something (very) obvious:

I have a directory called “C:/DSC/Configurations” with all of my remote computer meta.mof’s and computername.mof’s (confirmed it’s not a localhost.mof)

I then have been running this command:

Start-DscConfiguration -Computername TestServer -path "C:\DSC\Configurations\" -force

and get the following error:


Start-DscConfiguration : The computer-specific MOF file for computer TestServer does not exist in the current


Yet when I open windows explorer and navigate to the directory, it does in fact exist. I’ve tried running the script after cd’ing to the directory (no luck), using fqdn (no luck), and internet research (again no luck).


Is this a new project? Maybe this is something as simple as unhiding file extensions (ie, TestServer.mof.txt)…
Have you tried specifying a full path as in -path “C:\DSC\Configurations\TestServer.mof”?