Module partially installed

We have a reasonably large build and deployment library built around Powershell modules. In the last few months I have seen a few times that we have a module or it’s dependent modules partially installed. I say partially installed, but it could also be partially uninstalled.


I think it’s an installation issue as one module has the following files/folders installed:


  • PSD1
  • PSM1
  • Private folder containing all the scripts
  • Public file (This should be a folder containing scripts) ***This is the point of concern***

Another installation of AWSPowershell (which we have as a dependency of our modules) contained just the PSD1 and no other files.


The above two lead me to believe it’s an installation issue rather than anything else.


The question then becomes has anyone else had issues with install-module?

How does install-module work? Does it copy to a temporary location and then copy to the required module location.

Our package source is ProGet, could it be an issue at package source side, rather than Powershell?

Are there any Mutexes around installing and uninstalling modules? we could have two sessions, one installing a module and another one uninstalling.


Major Minor Build Revision

5 1 17763 771



Couldn’t understand the problem. When you say partial install, how does it behave.
Are you able to import the module ? are you getting any error while install during import ?