Modifying Permission and Share settings.

I am composing a script that will iterate through a list of Client OU’s and modify their H: driver permissions settings based on whether or not they have the ‘correct’ settings.

If anyone has ever changed permissions on a ‘root’ folder, you will know it takes a while depending on how many files a user has before it cycles through all of the folders.

I need to somehow tell powershell not to go to the next user or OU until it completes the permissions change to all subfolders in an H:drive.

I know I can make it wait for x seconds, but I can’t anticipate how long it will take. There are ALOT of OU’s with thousands of users, so I want to make this script as efficient as possible.

Powershell is single threaded. Usually there is only one cmdlet running at a time. If you execute external commands you can set Powershell to wait until they’re finished.

If you have some particular issues with a particular piece of code you could post that here and the error and we will be pleased to try to help you.