Minor Annoyance - Set-NetIPAddress

No, this is nothing groundbreaking or an overly important question to resolve but it is something that has always bothered about me PowerShell and I’ve never been able to find an explanation that makes sense.

  1. What is the mechanical reason why Set-NetIPAddress can't update the actual IP address of a computer but the command can update other components related to the IP address like the Prefix Length? It seems cumbersome to have to use three commands to update an IP address (Remove-NetIPAddress, Remove-NetRoute, New-NetIPAddress). Maybe I'm just doing something wrong.
  2. Also related: When the Remove-NetIPAddress command is issued, what is the mechanical reason why the DFG can't be removed in the same command instead of having to issue the Remove-NetRoute command as well? Again, cumbersome.
Both issues seem like the result of poor design but maybe there is a reasonable explanation that I haven't considered.

Thanks, PSO community!