Mind blown $Obj saves to CSV drops domain, when using F8 it saves!

My mind is blown i can not get this working.

I am creating an Object

 $obj = [pscustomobject]@{ Domain = $domain; 
IPAdress = $ipaddress; 
PacketsLostPercentage = $packetslossed_percentage; 

It is filled with the correct information. Selecting the $Obj and hitting F8 in ISE shows this:

Domain IPAdress PacketsLostPercentage Average
tenant.sharepoint.com 0 5.14

It then gets writting to a csv file with a function:

write-to-csv $obj

When i test it there the information is still in the Object. All of type String.

In my function i do this:

$Obj | Export-Csv -Path $working_path\$csvFileName -Append -NoTypeInformation

And everything gets writtin corectly to the csv file exept the domain tenant.sharepoint.com

And now for the kicker: If i select the line above and hit F8, all the information is still in the object and it gets writtin to the file, including the domain! I am at a loss. Please help.