Migrating OneDrive for Business data to a Sharepoint Site, both in Office 365

Hi everyone,

I have OneDrive for Business data in Office 365 that I want to migrate to a Sharepoint document library, also in Office 365 in the same tenancy. Everything I see on the web shows how to migrate from on prem to Office 365. Surely there is a way to do this when both are in the same tenant?


Any help or links would be appreciated. Thanks so much.



Are you trying to do this via PowerShell and hence you posted the question here ? Or is this a general question on migration ?

Apologies for not being clear. Yes, looking to see how to do this in Powershell. For this specific case, I ended up just using the GUI Copy To option since it’s not a lot of data. But in the future when I’m dealing with larger data sets, would like to see how this can be done/automated in Powershell when it’s all in the same tenant. As I mentioned, everything I see on the web is either on prem to O365 or from one tenant to another.



I’m not a sharepoint guy, but see if below documentation helps you.