Method 'get_SerializationSettings' issue in New-AzureRmSQLServer

Hi Folks,

Just trying to create a new Azure SQL Server by using New-AzureRmSQLServer. The username and password are already available in variables. I’m trying code like this:

Create the administrator credentials

$secureAdministratorPassword = ConvertTo-SecureString $administratorPassword -AsPlainText -Force
$sqlServerAdministratorCredentials = New-Object PSCredential($administratorUserName, $secureAdministratorPassword)

Create the SQL Server

New-AzureRmSQLServer -ServerName $sqlServerName -SqlAdministratorCredentials $sqlServerAdministratorCredentials
-Location $datacentreLocation `
-ResourceGroupName $resourceGroupName

But I’m ending up with the following error that really doesn’t give much of a clue about the issue:

New-AzureRmSQLServer : Method ‘get_SerializationSettings’ in type ‘Microsoft.Azure.Management.Sql.SqlManagementClient’
from assembly ‘Microsoft.Azure.Management.Sql, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35’ does
not have an implementation.

Is there a wrong version of one of the dependencies?



When you crosspost the same question at the same time to different forums you should at least post links to the other forums along with your question to avoid people willing to help making their work twice or more.

Hi Olaf,

I was trying to work out how to remove it from here (after posting, I thought SO might be a better option), but for the life of me, I can’t find a “delete” button. The “Edit” option doesn’t offer a Delete either. Is there one?

I have no idea why the AzureRm option doesn’t work, but I changed all the code to use Az instead, and it all just works.

So nothing else required thanks.

Use the current New-AzSqlServer cmdlet of the AZ PS module (Az.Sql)
You also need to uninstall-module AzureRM