MaxWindowSize in Windows 8.1

So I’m working on a profile script and one thing I’ve noticed is that for reasons beyond my understanding in Windows 8.1 it gives me an error as it has

From Windows 8.1 Machine

CursorPosition : 0,46
WindowPosition : 0,4
CursorSize : 25
BufferSize : 131,3000
WindowSize : 120,43
MaxWindowSize : 123,44
MaxPhysicalWindowSize : 123,44
KeyAvailable : False

From Windows 7 Machine

CursorPosition : 0,8
WindowPosition : 0,0
CursorSize : 25
BufferSize : 150,3000
WindowSize : 150,50
MaxWindowSize : 150,88
MaxPhysicalWindowSize : 240,88
KeyAvailable : False

I’ve check and both systems’s Display are 1920*1080 and I know that Windows 8.1 and newer have different DPI’s as with my Windows 7 machine I have the Default (Smaller) for text size, and on the Windows 8.1 machine it has the Recommend Scaling for the text size.

Any ideas of suggestions as I’d like to have the profile script work and look the same on both systems with the window size.

Thank you all for your help.

I hate to do this, but it’s really not a PowerShell question, and given that it’s sat a few days I’m guessing none of us are experts in Windows display metrics :).

Me, I’ve never worried about what things look like to that kind of detail. I’ve always been far more delighted when they actually work to mind their appearance ;). And, I tend to not use profile scripts.

But if I had to guess, I’d have guessed that it was columns,rows. Any difference between machines would be Windows itself drawing the window differently, which could well be a display (monitor) thing, font scaling, or a slew of other stuff that’s outside the PowerShell world. Keep in mind that the console app was essentially unchanged since 1993 until Win10, so expecting it to behave consistently might be asking too much.

Thanks Don. I think I determined it’s due to the whole DPI and how in Windows 10 it will have the font scaling differently on my laptop (Suggested 125%) vs my desktop of 100%.

The values

show the maxswindowsize which is different and I’m thinking this is solely due to the way the DPI settings are in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

As well as don’t hate! You have helped me learned so much already with your CBT Training and MVA Stuff.

If anything thank you for your hard work and dedication to helping others learn this.