Match multiple .csv columns

Hi Folks,

I have 2 .csv files that I am trying to compare multiple fields in. One is the users with their application permissions and the other is the application roles with what permissions each role should contain. What I need to do is check the user’s title against the role names and if there is a match then compare all the permissions for that role against what the user actually has, if that matches then export that user to a new report.

I’ve tried a few different scripts like this one, but I can’t seem to get the output I’m looking for.

$Users = Import-Csv C:\users.csv
$Roles = Import-Csv C:\roles.csv

foreach ($Row in $Users){
    foreach ($item in $roles){
        If (($row.JobTitle -eq $item.RoleName) -and
           ($row.Permission1 -eq $item.permission1) -and
           ($row.Permission2 -eq $item.permission2) -and
           ($row.Permission3 -eq $item.permission3) -and
           ($row.Permission4 -eq $item.permission4) -and
           ($row.Permission5 -eq $item.permission5)) {
                $Report = [PSCustomObject] @{
'FirstName'          = $row.'FirstName'
'LastName'           = $row.'LastName'
'UserID'             = $row.'UserID'
'JobTitle'           = $row.'JobTitle'
'DOMAIN'             = $row.'DOMAIN'
$Report | Export-Csv C:\report.csv -Delimiter "," -NoTypeInformation -append

Here is some example data. I know I can use where-object to compare the roles one at a time, but there are over 600 roles so I’d like to avoid that if possible.


William,Doe,User3,Vice President,AA,0,0,0,0,1
Deana,Doe,User4,Quality Analyst,AA,0,1,1,1,3
Diana,Doe,User5,Planning Lead,AA,1,2,1,1,3
Erika,Doe,User6,Supply Planner,AA,0,0,0,0,3
Gregory,Doe,User7,Inventory Manager,AA,0,2,1,1,1
John,Doe,User8,Delivery Specialist,AA,0,0,0,0,0
Jeffrey,Doe,User9,Project Manager,AA,1,2,1,1,3
Jeff,Doe,User10,Operations Manager,AA,0,2,1,1,3
Jennifer,Doe,User11,Planning Lead,AA,0,2,1,1,1
Jefrey,Doe,User12,Branch Manager,AA,1,0,0,0,1


Vice President,0,0,0,0,1
Quality Analyst,0,2,1,1,3
Planning Lead,1,2,1,1,3
Supply Planner,0,0,0,0,3
Inventory Manager,0,2,1,1,1
Delivery Specialist,0,0,0,0,0
Project Manager,1,2,1,1,3
Operations Manager,0,2,1,1,3
Planning Lead,0,2,1,1,1
Branch Manager,1,0,0,0,1

If done correctly Deana Doe should be excluded from the report.

During my test, it took about 2 seconds to compare 700 objects, (1) role and (1) user, Deanna Doe, was excluded from results.

# Make sure each object has same headers
$Users = Import-Csv C:\users.csv
$Roles = Import-Csv C:\roles.csv | Select-Object *,@{n='JobTitle';exp={$_.RoleName}} -ExcludeProperty Rolename
$headers = 'JobTitle','Permission1','Permission2','Permission3','Permission4','Permission5'

# Compare jobtitle and permissions
Compare-Object -ReferenceObject $Users -DifferenceObject $Roles -Property $headers -IncludeEqual -ExcludeDifferent -PassThru | Select-Object * -ExcludeProperty SideIndicator | Export-Csv C:\user_results.csv -NoTypeInformation