Manipulating a -size value

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Is there an easy way to modify this code so the output makes the Size or Startingoffset easier to read? Like 1GB etc…

Get-WmiObject win32_diskpartition | Select Systemname, name, size, index, startingoffset


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Here is an article I found on your topic
Convert bytes to gigabytes with PowerShell – 4sysops

I would recommend using Get-Ciminstance as the Get-WMIObject is deprecated.

I put this together, it should give you the expected results.

Get-Ciminstance win32_diskpartition | Select Name,Index,
@{name="SizeGB";e={[math]::round($_.size /1GB)}},
@{name="OffSetGB";e={[math]::round($_.startingoffset /1GB)}}
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Thanks for the info, that does it.